LJ Slan Silverfork Club contributor

Contributor Q&A

What currently fills your days and can you tell us a little bit about your journey to get there?
I’m currently working on a few projects that I’m excited to announce in the very near future…but currently serving as a lead in Digital Marketing for Unclaimed Baggage…yup, the nations only Lost Luggage retailer! My path could be viewed as unorthodox but i wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve spent time in the construction industry, to non-profit, to working for designers Sid & Ann Mashburn. Simply put, I’ve tried to make it a point to remain curious & hopeful in life and here we are!

Who or where do you look for inspiration?
I’m very fortunate to have friends who walk interesting paths with similar end-goals in mind and am very inspired by them! Lately I've been reading about Theaster Gates who is based in Chicago and his work focuses on space theory and land development, sculpture, and performance. Also, Peter Bellerby who is one of the last globemakers crafting commissions by hand in London! Lastly, music…we can revisit this another time.--

Where will you be on your next day off?
Somewhere warm, with friends, good food, and a record shop!

What is Atlanta’s food scene missing?
We can sometimes overlook the soulful places that have given this city a heartbeat. Together, if we all revisit these spots, maybe we can realize we have everything we need.

What elements do you look for in a great dining experience?
A place that makes me feel like I’ve been there before, even if it’s my first time! The dish can be simple yet it makes me question why do I dare dine anywhere else!? Conversation with those working there is easy and I can walk away with learning something new about a dish, music, or the city!

Last meal?
Keeping it in Atlanta…I honestly jumped to say the Cobb Salad from Ticonderoga but…Korean BBQ wings & fries from The Local.


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